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School Research Nexus provides high-level leadership development-oriented symposiums for educational leaders nationwide. Top-tier Elite Symposia (Annual Research Fee) and Summer Leadership Symposium (Registration Fee, open to leaders and teams) events focus on leadership development and discussing cutting-edge research in education.

SRN Summer Leadership Symposium | Texas | Open to all 

This leadership symposium is open for registration to District Leaders, School Leaders, Curriculum Directors, and teams nationwide. This is an excellent opportunity to gain access to the high-level program.

SRN Elite Symposium | Laguna Beach, CA | Member

Attendance to the biannual Elite Symposium in Laguna Beach, CA, is available invitation-only to a network of the top creative and innovative education thought leaders nationwide. This elite group meets once in the fall and once in the spring. We aim to network the top "movers and shakers" in education with other superintendents and executives of leading educational solutions providers.

Education leaders need to keep abreast of current and leading-edge practices. Some sessions include education leader-led presentations and discussions, and some are offered by outside speakers sharing the latest research and providing solutions to the problems that face today's educators. SRN strives to nurture these relationships to provide organizational support, research capability, and consulting resources.

The research fee includes symposium materials, airfare, hotel, ground transportation, and meals for two consecutive symposia.

Understand the bigger picture 

Taking the opportunity to step back and consider your district from a different point of view will give you fresh ideas and a better perspective on how to help your community grow and improve.

Cutting edge resources 

Research is constantly expanding the suite of effective educational tools at our disposal. This symposium is an opportunity to become familiar with how these tools can help your schools.

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