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Dr. John Gatta

Dr. John Gatta

John Gatta, Ph.D. is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ECRA Group, a premier national leadership, planning, and analytics consulting firm. In addition to his responsibilities at ECRA Group, John is a Professor at Northwestern University, where he also serves as Director of Research. His unique blend of academic, technical, management and leadership experience gives him keen insights into how organizations can best adopt research and analytics as a core strategy for quality improvement. As CEO of ECRA Group, he also serves as chief architect of ECRA's analytic infrastructure related to data structures, data warehousing, statistical algorithms and reporting. Dr. Gatta's work has been recognized through publications in both the education and healthcare sectors, and he has been the recipient of local and national awards such as educator of the year from Northwestern University and statistician of the year from the American Statistical Association for excellence in the teaching of statistics.

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Michael simeck

Mr. Michael Simeck

Superintendent of Lake Forest Schools, Lake Forest, IL 60045