• Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney
    Decorated Combat Pilot, Fortune 50 Exec, All-Conference Collegiate Athlete, MBA, & Author: An Expert Who Can Motivate Crowds to Excel Under Pressure While Building Teamwork, Motivation, and Leadership.

    Are you looking for a way to encourage your team and teach them how to excel under pressure while achieving exceptional results?

    Kevin Sweeney is the only person to successfully land a KC-135, the military version of the Boeing 707, aftertwo of the four engines were ripped completely off the airplane while on a night combat mission in Desert Storm. This challenging experience taught him to think on his feet and be highly flexible, which means that he will quickly make adjustments to his presentation to be sure that your audience is receiving the most applicable information possible.

    The unique life experiences of Kevin Sweeney have molded him into an inspirational speaker, allowing him to effectively motivate members of any organization. Through his presentation, people learn how to shine during the tough days by using specific techniques, helping them to maintain a calm composure when faced with change or challenge.

    A captivating storyteller and inspirational icon, Kevin shares a wealth of experience about the tools necessary for excelling when the heat is on! He adapts his presentations to match the needs of the audience, and each person will walk away with a renewed hope and increased motivation to be a decisive leader. He teaches audiences how to be the "go-to" person in their organization, so that they can become the teammate their customers, clients, and colleagues covet.