• School Research Nexus (SRN)
    For more than 30 years the School Research Nexus (SRN) has been educating, inspiring, and connecting the top-performing school superintendents in the country through symposia. By focusing on the latest in education research and the best in academic resources these symposia bring together some of the brightest minds to solve the educational challenges of today’s schools. Join us and find out how YOU can enhance yourself as an educator and be the transformational leader your schools need!

    SRN is comprised of a biannual national symposia, School Research Nexus (SRN) Symposium and a state conference, Texas Nexus Conference. 


  • Focus:

    ·       Student success.

    ·       Professional skill development.

    ·       Stimulation of the mind, heart, and spirit of participants.

    ·       Building a sense of belonging and unity.

    ·       Professional development for superintendents’ career enhancement to maintain or improve job status, as well as opportunity and viability for their districts.

  • Benefits to Superintendents:

    ·       Associate with other top performing superintendents.

    ·       Membership in a creative and innovative group.

    ·       Cutting edge programs and discussions.

    ·       Sharing of strategies for growing personally and professionally.

    ·       Pooling of resources to conduct research and development.


  • Vision:

    To establish networks among top performing superintendents and educational solutions providers for the discovery and promulgation of world class educational practices.



    We will provide organizational support, research capability, and consulting resources to education leaders seeking the latest thinking and findings of research-based efforts, problem-solving sessions, and creative symposia.