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SRN Corporate Sponsor Program 

Studies Weekly Sponsor Testimonial 


School Research Nexus Elite Symposia and Leadership Conferences bring together educational solutions providers for the discovery and promulgation of world class educational practices and best business solutions to meet the needs of America’s educational system.

Each year, a select group of sponsors is invited to partner with the group.

Our intimate, 3-day gathering of school superintendents from across the nation is an outstanding format with an opportunity to build relationships and present your company to approximately 60 budgetary decision-makers.

Role of Corporate Sponsors:

Our Elite Symposia and Leadership Conferences format benefit both corporate sponsor partners as well as our superintendents. SRN values corporate sponsorships because they enhance the quality of our programs. The superintendents want and need to keep abreast of the current education marketplace. Corporate leaders have indicated a desire to share in these programs and have told us they, too, value these partnerships because they have been able to establish many new client relationships and customers through the unique format of interaction at SRN functions.  Corporate partners are invited and encouraged to participate in all work sessions, meals, and activities.

Flippen Group Sponsor Testimonial 

SRN Elite Symposium:

The biannual Laguna Beach, CA elite symposia is available through invitation-only membership to a network of the top creative and innovative education thought leaders. This elite group meets once in the fall and once in the spring to establish a network of top performing superintendents. The superintendents who attend lead some of the nation’s premier schools.


SRN Leadership Conference:

The SRN Leadership Conferences offer open registration to superintendents nationwide twice annually (no membership required). This is a great opportunity for superintendents to gain limited access to the high level SRN program without the membership.

We accept a limited number of corporate sponsorships for Elite Symposia and Leadership Conferences. Our goal is to offer only one slot per vendor category.

If you wish to become a Corporate Sponsor, please contact Dr. Don Hooper or Stephanie Lonon.  We will be glad to discuss the three sponsorship levels and benefits with you.

Payment for sponsorship is due prior to attendance. 


Dr. Don Hooper               Stephanie Lonon     

713-870-8777                  979-587-8190